About Us

Linette: Owner and mother of 2 daughters (Tasha and Shani), married to Riaan and living in Durbanville.

I believe in : honesty, openness and Christian principles

My involvement with retirement villages started with my first working appointment 30 years ago at ACVV Head Office. In 1989 I started working at Panorama Palms (previously SASSAR) and from then my involvement grew to other retirement villages and my passion for senior citizens, retirement villages and properties grew to what I am today.

I’m blessed with a wonderful family, a work that I’m passionate about (en waarin ek my kan uitleef) and where I received so much more in return on various levels; it was more than I ever thought possible..

For years I was managing a one-man business with great success, but I have enlarged my business by appointing an Office Manager (Alicia Kotzé), a Financial Manager (Gussie Golsalves) and agents (Sunette Schlemmert & Shani Teepe) to help with daily growing enquiries regarding accommodation in retirement villages. We have recently also appointed an Admin Assistant (Lynn Marais).

Although there are opportunities to enlarge my business, I prefer to keep it to such a size that I can be “hands on” and involved at all times to ensure that we provide the best possible service and to provide my knowledge, that I have built up over years, to enable my clients to make the best possible decision that is suitable for their individual needs.

We are involved with the sales at 18 Retirement Villages in the northern suburbs of Cape Town and are administrating the rentals of 150 units in retirement villages.