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    I hereby voluntary consent to the processing of my personal information as required in the process of purchasing or renting a property via LINETTE TEEPE PROPERTIES.

    1. The purpose of the processing of the information will be solely for the estate agency related purposes and will not be re-purposed.

    2. Failing to supply the required information will result in LINETTE TEEPE PROPERTIES not being able to proceed with the transaction and carry out a successful transfer of the property.

    3. Information will only be collected in terms of the Estate Agency Affairs Act 112 of 1976, Deeds Registries Act 47, the Sectional Titles Act 95 of 1986 and the FICA Act 38 of 2001.

    4. The information will not be transferred to a third party unless specifically requested.

    5. This consent covers the natural sharing of information, insofar it is necessary, between the relevant parties involved in the process, including :

      • Other estate agents in a multi-listing environment or where a working relationship or partnership exist between agents or agencies;

      • The bond originator;

      • The Bond Registration Attorney;

      • The Transferring Attorney;

      • The Financial Institution;

      • SARS Revenue Services;

      • All related institutions including but not limited to the Local Municipality, Home Owners Association and Body Corporates / Managing Agent.

    6. Should this consent be given in process of sale of property, the seller consents that the property may be advertised and marketed  on an electronic platform, including but not limited to for example Property 24/Private Property.

    Please note that all information provided remains confidential.